Moroccan Sabra Cactus Kilim Rugs
Our Moroccan Sabra Cactus Kilim collection is here, and we are in love!

Sabra Cactus Kilims rugs are pileless and woven with a cross weave technique. These vintage inspired rugs are woven by women of the Berber tribes in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Every rug is handcrafted and woven using extracted cactus silk and rayon. The motifs that are woven into these beauties represent an array of tribal symbols that are inherent in Berber culture and have religious and social significance. Using a flat woven background as a canvas, these simple yet bold tribal designs create something that is utterly unique.

What makes these Sabra Kilims so special? Their bright colors and versatility! Not only are they used as floor coverings, but also to upholster pillows, ottomans, chairs and headboards. We have even used them as a hanging tapestry!
We advise using these rugs as floor coverings for spaces with low foot traffic.